“News Technology Tablet computers US tablet and smartphone sales to break revenue records”

More Americans than ever will buy tablet computers and smartphones this year, driving consumer electronics revenue up 5.6% to a record high of $190bn (£119bn) in 2011, according to a forecast from the US trade group Consumer Electronics Association.

The CEA claims sales in the US of tablet computers such as Apple iPad – of which financial analysts reckon the company sold 8m worldwide in the past three months, and 4.7m in the first three months of the year – and its rivals will reach 26.5m units, resulting in $14bn in revenue. Meanwhile smartphone sales will increase by 45% to $23bn, the study said. Unit sales of e-readers, such as Amazon.com’s Kindle, will double, bringing in $1.8bn.

But the revenue growth – at 5.6% more than twice as fast as US GDP growth, expected to be 2.4% for the year – indicates a slowdown from 2010, when overall growth hit 6%. And the CEA’s forecast for 2012 indicates it only expects 3% growth next year as prices of tablets and smartphones fall and penetration widens.

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